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Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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5 Reasons your employees need a Blackberry!  E-mail

5 Reasons your employees need a Blackberry!

1. Multi tasking.

While sitting in a waiting room before a meeting or at the doctors off you can communicate with your clients and/or office staff. Stuck in traffic? With additional applications you can send faxes or create and edit proposals. The possibilities are endless.

2. Employee tracking.

There are applications that work along with your Blackberry server that will allow your IT department to track where your employees are? Did someone tell you that they are sitting in traffic and you hear people talking in the background? Now you can see where they are via GPS maps.

3. Production.

You require a productive workforce, right? Sure. Everyone does. When you get more done, typically that means better performance, which translates in to more income. So what would you think if I told you that Blackberry users can turn an hour of downtime every day in to production? That's the deal, according to a few studies. Not every hour of work is spent in a cubicle or behind a table. Sometimes they've to take meetings or go run some business-related errands. Those are hours that we're away from our computers, & thus can't access much of the work that makes us productive.

4. Extended reach times.

We have all been there, out of the office or at the office in a meeting and you do not have access to a computer. Your manager send you an email saying that something needs to get done by the end of the day and by the time you get the email everyone is gone! Well, with a Blackberry you can see those emails and contact your staff even if they have left for the day. Almost all companies have some sort of remote access, this way more gets done.

5. You can communicate with them instantly.

Blackberry has their own instant messaging program, Blackberry messenger. This does not go against your text messaging plan and is an alternative way of communication. This all goes along with the increased productivity factor.

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