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Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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Do I need a website:

Why are still people wondering whether their business really needs a website? Even if you don't think your product or service cannot be sold over the internet YOU NEED A WEBSITE! Here are my reasons why:


~Promote Your Organization!

A well-developed website can convey trust and credibility, making people feel comfortable buying from you, or supporting you.

~Promote Your Services!

As long as you and your website company put in the proper work there aren't many better ways to promote your services. Done properly you can reach people you never would have before.

~Promote Your Products!

A website allows you to showcase your products for everyone to see. You can explain the benefits, compare it with other products, or show testimonials of happy customers that already purchased the product.

~Promote Yourself!

Are you the owner of a company? An industry professional? Expert in your field? By having a website you can show the entire world who you are and what you do.

~Promote Your Ideas and thoughts!

If it's a business idea, professional sports team, political views a website is a wonderful way to promote your ideas and thoughts.

~Promote Your Events!

Have a fundraising event? Want to promote your business with seminars, workshops or a tradeshow? You will increase awareness when you create a website for the event. Show dates, programs, prices and driving directions - to name but a few features that will be greatly appreciated by your target audience.


~Sell Your Products!

Reach millions of possible customers via your website during the holiday seasons instead of thousands. Even if you think your product isn't sellable via the internet. You may not be able to purchase it online but we sure can make some arrangement for the sale!

~Sell Your Services!

A website can be a great tool to not only promote, but also actually sell your services. If you are a mason, chef, photographer ect. You can benefit from a website.

~Sell Your Shows and Events!

Let your customers avoid lines and save a few dollars by purchasing tickets early. I know many people that take this route.


~Improve Branding!

Branding is a way to differentiate your product, service or company from its competition, and create loyalty. The content of a website, its style and tools such as newsletters allow for many ways to differentiate yourself, make the visitor feel good about you, and build loyalty. More worrisome: if you do not do this, a competitor may snatch not only your prospects sales, but also their loyalty away from you with their website! Eat, or be eaten!

~Save Costs!

Your ROI can be greatly improved by marketing your website. Reach thousands more potential customers for your dollar.

~Reach Different Markets:

You can reach local, national, international, global and niche markets from your website.

Customer Service:

~Answer Frequently Asked Questions!

Answering the same questions over and over again can be a great waste of money and employee morale. A carefully crafted list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), posted on a website, can reduce the stream of repetitive questions so your Customer Support department can actually start supporting customers, and your Sales Department can really devote their time to selling.

~Solicit Feedback From Customers!

A contact form on a website can provide you with a lot of valuable information from customers, prospects and other interested people. You may even get them to take an online poll - especially if you say they can win a prize as a reward. And if the stakes are high enough, the free word-of-mouth promotion will start automatically.

~Improve Communication

Brochures and flyers only allow for a few lines of communication. A carefully crafted website can guide your clients, suppliers or employees through page after page of information. Another advantage is that you can add audio and video to these pages - something that paper communication tools cannot offer.

General Business Reasons:

~Save Costs!

Build systems that integrate your inventory, accounting and ecommerce websites that will save you valuable man hours. Also, you can create a client extranet where they can download marketing materials and save you on printing, shipping and postage costs.

~Spread Ideas!

A website is a great way to collaborate with both employees and clients on new ideas and strategies. Let them tell you what they would like to see.


Tutorials, products demos, and much more can educate your clients on your products and services.

~A Sales Tool Outside The Office!

Employees away from the office can be kept informed with a website. A new press release? A new price list? Newsworthy things happening in your industry? You can quickly post information like that on an Intranet, which is a website only available for your employees, so they can see it wherever and whenever they want. If you add features like a forum you are also able to facilitate 1-to-many communication between employees.

~People Expect It!

By having a website you show the world that you are a viable business. Not having one makes you suspicious in the eyes of many prospects. It is silly but true: a website will enhance perceived professionalism.

~Your Competition has one!

Your competition will force you to get a website, if you do not already have one. Customers (especially the newer generations) will demand you have a website, and will pass you over if you do not have one. It is a matter of adjusting to shifting market conditions. And things will continue to shift, at an amazing speed - just look at how fast the Internet has become an integral part of our lives.

You can contact me at http://www.jenningsit.com or http://www.joe-jennings.net or follow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/Joe_Jennings

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