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Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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Do's & Dont's of eCommerce  E-mail

Do's & Dont's of eCommerce

Do's of eCommerce

1. Hire a professional: Do your homework and hire a professional ecommerce person or company. If you don’t know where to start talk to a local company and see what they have to say. Also look into a project manager. Recently I saved a client $4,000 with a simple phone call. It pays to have knowledgeable people behind you.

2. Security: Make sure your site has a security certificate. Also make sure the logo of the provider is visible. Build confidence that their financial information is safe. .

3. Online Customer Support: Always try to give online customer support. This will certainly help in increasing customer confidence and stats show that consumers that have a choice between two sites with similar services often choose for the website that offers online customer support.

4. Plan your design: Design your site for your client base not for your business. If your demographic are high school students you will design a completely different site than if you were targeting seniors. Note: Do not ignore branding, just make sure the features are ones that are compatible with your user base.

5. User Experience: Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. How would they best find your products? Are you selling multiple brands or your own line? Really hash out the categorization of your products. It will pay off in the end.

6. Always be testing (ABT):Make sure you have a good analytics package (Goggles is free) There is not better way to track what your users are doing then through analytics. Example, if you see that a high percentage of your customers exit on the same page you need to take a close look at why! Change up the product order, placement, coupons ect. The proof of what works is in the data.

7. Provide a get: In most cases someone else is selling a similar product to yours. What does the consumer GET when they purchase from you? Free shipping? Lower pricing? Superior product? Whatever it is you better make it clear to them!

8. Limit the number of steps: More steps in the ecommerce process the more the chances that the user would leave. Have a simple and convenient step by step process. But don’t skimp on security.

9. Research: Go to the top shopping site on the internet and see how they structer their site. Go through the checkout process and see if you hit ay frustrating parts. Take notes and pass them to your professional.

Don’ts of eCommerce

1. Do not try to do it yourself, hire a professional. I know you want to try to cut costs but this will bite you in the long run. A few months back I read an article on CNN where store owners were complaining that they have had ecommerce stores for years with 0, yes ZERO sales. C’mon people, hire a professional to get your stuff straight. Ask for referrals, talk to their clients then look at the sites. Do your homework!

2. Do not resell client information: Consumer privacy is extremely important; it can make or break a business. So do not sell or distribute consumer information to a third party! With blog site, forums and other forms of social networking it doesn’t take much to get a bad rep.

3. Do not ignore customer service. Just because you do not deal with your customers face to face you do not want to ignore them. Customer service is just as important as if you were running a retail store on Main Street.

4. Do not think just because you have a store on the internet that you will sell product. You may offer the best product or service but if no one knows they can’t purchase. Marketing your product should always be addressed throughout the project.

5. Do not ignore minor details. If you have fuzzy images or misspelled words your customers will notice. It will make them think twice about how legitimate your business is.


Do not forget to run through the purchase and checkout process multiple times. You should know every step of the checkout process.

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