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Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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5 Reasons your employees need a Blackberry!  E-mail

5 Reasons your employees need a Blackberry!

1. Multi tasking.

While sitting in a waiting room before a meeting or at the doctors off you can communicate with your clients and/or office staff. Stuck in traffic? With additional applications you can send faxes or create and edit proposals. The possibilities are endless.

2. Employee tracking.

There are applications that work along with your Blackberry server that will allow your IT department to track where your employees are? Did someone tell you that they are sitting in traffic and you hear people talking in the background? Now you can see where they are via GPS maps.

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Do I need a website?  E-mail

Do I need a website:

Why are still people wondering whether their business really needs a website? Even if you don't think your product or service cannot be sold over the internet YOU NEED A WEBSITE! Here are my reasons why:


~Promote Your Organization!

A well-developed website can convey trust and credibility, making people feel comfortable buying from you, or supporting you.

~Promote Your Services!

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Do's & Dont's of eCommerce  E-mail

Do's & Dont's of eCommerce

Do's of eCommerce

1. Hire a professional: Do your homework and hire a professional ecommerce person or company. If you don’t know where to start talk to a local company and see what they have to say. Also look into a project manager. Recently I saved a client $4,000 with a simple phone call. It pays to have knowledgeable people behind you.

2. Security: Make sure your site has a security certificate. Also make sure the logo of the provider is visible. Build confidence that their financial information is safe. .

3. Online Customer Support: Always try to give online customer support. This will certainly help in increasing customer confidence and stats show that consumers that have a choice between two sites with similar services often choose for the website that offers online customer support.

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Project Management 101- Scope  E-mail

Project Management 101- Scope

Project Management is broken down into four basic elements of a project: money, resources time, and the most important element, scope. All four of these elements are affected by one another and each of them must be managed efficiently and successfully for the project, and consequently the Project Manager, to be a success.

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