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Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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Wordpress to Drupal Migration/Conversion  E-mail

A client of ours, http://thegarv.com , is a very popular Mixed Martial Website that sees about 50,000 unique visitors a month ( as of 8/09)and about 2500 posts. The site started years back as a joomla site then at some point was moved to wordpress. It had been bastardized so many times that the code was so screwed up that Google and the other search engines were not indexing the Meta information.

Anyway we decided to scrap wordpress and move over to a new CMS (Content Management System. The new CMS would be chosen by which platform would import easiest. After many searches we decided that Drupal offered the best option.

The first option we tried was wp2drupal. Well it didnt go very well. Many people had gotten this to work but for us, it was a nightmare! After trying it many different days we decided to search for a new option.

We found a few scripts that didnt directlt integrate to Drupal, they would extract bits of info from the database them we would have to import them into ours. Not something that was very desirable to us.

Once we found wordpress_import we knew it was the right choice. It takes the Wordpress RSS file and imports it directly into Drupal. The main issues we hit were not with the importing of the data but the export from wordpress. It was missing close to a thousand posts!!

Here was our workaround: The full export stopped in May, we are in September. So what I did was make a june-export user and edit all posts from june to have june-export as the author. Then exported just the posts from june-export then imported them into Drupal.The process is the same for the other missing months.

The problem: If you have many authors you may want to make different users like joe-june-export and move those posts to Joe in Drupal. In our case I mapped june-export to the site owner Garv.

You can contact me at http://www.jenningsit.com or http://www.joe-jennings.net or follow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/Joe_Jennings

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